Griner and Schmitz, since 1910

Griner and Schmitz, since 1910

Products, advice and training Products, advice and training
from respected professionals from respected professionals
Products, advice and training
from respected professionals

Surveyors need reliable, precision surveying tools. And you risk missing deadlines, delaying construction schedules and your reputation when your equipment has glitches, questionable data or total failure.

That's where Griner and Schmitz makes the biggest difference. Here, there's no waiting for a return call, the right answer or a helpful suggestion. You'll get our factory-trained service technicians and knowledgeable staff's full attention, whether you need recommendations, a quick calibration or data troubleshooting. It's why so many surveyors trust Griner and Schmitz to keep them working.   Read More >

News & Updates

Griner and Schmitz is Moving!

After spending 64 years at our current location on Broadway, we’re moving to our new building at 1700 Cherry Street. It’s just a few blocks (.8 miles) from our old location, but the new space is going to make a world of difference for our customers. Why move after all ...
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Griner and Schmitz Unveils New Website

Don’t you just love that new website smell? Today, we launched our new website. The new and improved has an updated look and content designed to help visitors, like you, find what they need fast. After all, we’re committed to keeping you working and productive. Our new site is ...
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Sokkia CX Series Total Station

The Sokkia CX series Total Station puts the best of all total station features and wraps it all up in one rugged convenient package.  This instrument is built upon the solid history of Sokkia total stations like the Set 3BII.  The original absolute encoders developed by Sokkia provide long-term reliability ...
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