Griner and Schmitz, since 1910

Griner and Schmitz, since 1910

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from respected professionals from respected professionals
Products, advice and training
from respected professionals

Surveyors need reliable, precision surveying tools. And you risk missing deadlines, delaying construction schedules and your reputation when your equipment has glitches, questionable data or total failure.

That's where Griner and Schmitz makes the biggest difference. Here, there's no waiting for a return call, the right answer or a helpful suggestion. You'll get our factory-trained service technicians and knowledgeable staff's full attention, whether you need recommendations, a quick calibration or data troubleshooting. It's why so many surveyors trust Griner and Schmitz to keep them working.   Read More >

News & Updates


Griner’s Garage Reintroduced

With the reintroduction of Griner’s Garage we’ve quickly observed the value the site affords those in the market for used/refurbished equipment.  The site appeals to those looking to get that one-off or hard to find item, as well as those looking to get a reliable backup system.  We’ve also seen interest from some ...
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Pix4D Image Processing Software Now Available

Pix4D is an extremely powerful image processing software for aerial mapping.  This software takes picture captured by UAVs ( and any other method) and creates 3d point clouds and DTM from the pictures.  We really like Pix4D over the other image processing software currently on the market, for three main ...
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Introducing The AMQ-1 Aerial Mapping System

Griner and Schmitz announces the AMQ-1 Aerial Mapping System.  When coupled with  the Pix4D image processing software we now carry, this economical package allows any surveying firm to get into aerial mapping (without breaking the bank). The AMQ-1 is basic quad-copter modified by Griner and Schmitz to add all the options ...
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